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"PGP Official Channel" Start!

"PGP Official Channel" has started at YouTube!

PGP Official Channel

The first movie features greetings from members rehearsing for "PGP SHOWCASE 2013 TOKYO on Aug.16"
The second and the third movies show part of above rehearsal.
Please enjoy our clips from recording material!
*If you have any movies or idea of topics you would like to have it uploaded, please contact: info@pgpgp.net

Guest Vocal "emica" Profile
Major debut as a member of vocal unit ANGELIQUE (produced by Japan FM Net Work).
All 5 singles released have been used as tie-up music, Downtown NX (NTV) for example.
Solo debut with tie-up music for the movie "Hanada Sho-nenshi (2006)"
Currently starring in rock musical "Pink Spyder" and performing as a band member as well.

[ PGP 2nd Live "PGP SHOWCASE 2013 TOKYO" on Aug.16 / Encore "On The Floor" by PGP ]


[ PGP is rehearsing for upcoming show in Tokyo on Aug.16 / "Over" by PGP ]


[ PGP is rehearsing for upcoming show in Tokyo on Aug.16 / Meaning of Your Cloud by PGP ]


[ PGP talks about upcoming show in Tokyo on Aug.16 / BGM:Over Pf. Mix by PGP ]