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Aya Iwata: Piano / Keyboard

After graduating Toho Gakuen School of Music with Bachelor of Music, she joined Mannes College of Music (NYC, USA), earning Master of Music Degree and Professional Studies Certificate.
Based in New York, she performed as a soloist / chamber music player in famous music theatre.
She also worked as accompanist for Mark Nuccio (New York Philharmonic), Sally Thomas (Emeritus Professor for The Juilliard School of Music), and Charles Neidich (Professor for The Juilliard School of Music).
Founded the chamber music group DELANCEY in New York and has had a concert series.
Aya is expanding range of activities with performance that goes beyond boarders of each music (Jazz, Pops, etc-.) and by using digital instruments.


After performing in his own band, found abingdon boys school with Takanori Nishikawa(T.M.Revolution), Hiroshi Shibasaki, and Toshiyuki Kishi.
Supports various artists with hard-rock guitar performance in passionate, warm, and mild tone.
4th single BLADE CHORD (music composed by SUNAO, released in 2007) placed 2nd in Japan music chart (Oricon) with first appearance.
Starring in MBS radio show from 2008 (current title "Mata-Mata Gocha Maze")
Founded the new band, fleu fleu, with musician friends in 2012.
Showing great talent as a soloist / band member in various field.

Toshiyuki Kishi: Programming / Synthesizer

Currently performing as a member in abingdon boys school, JUNK FUNK PUNK, and TWO TRIBES.
Joined Office Intenzio while he was still in University, started performing as synthesizer programmer for Ryuichi Sakamoto's concert tour.
Attended concerts and recordings for YMO (Yellow Magic Orchestra) and Tomoyasu Hotei as well.
Handled and supported many artists by composing music, performing, arranging, producing, and remixing.
He also took part in theatre music production and his theme song for "Shin Jinginaki Tatakai" was later used in "Kill Bill", a film directed by Quentin Tarantino.
Kishi continues to make "Cool & Hot" music using programming.