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"PGP SHOWCASE 2013 OSAKA" Report by Aya

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 6 Hi.
I am Aya from PGP, reporting live.
When this project first came up, I knew I probably would be the one who has to do it…
Ok, so let's take a look!

Looking back, it has s been a very busy months composing, arranging, going through pre-production, and rehearsing ever since PGP was founded, until our first live in June 28th.
At first, I was worried we might not be ready for our solo live. But told myself I just had to do it.
It is kind of funny to say this as a member of PGP myself, but it was just amazing to see how music gets produced one after another with such a high-level perfection.

And THE live day.
We were having meeting even in bullet-train, all because we wanted to make things better.
This time, our guest vocal "en" is with us.

Arrived to our very first live performance hall, "ROCKTOWN", past noon.
We got so excited seeing new and clean hall.
Green room was quite nice as well!

After break, started making some sounds.
Line check, sound check…confirm one music at a time and rehearsing continues.
PA, meeting with lighting staffs done and we're finished with rehearsal.
We're all set!

At green room, other members and all the staffs break the ice and I get to relax before joining the stage.
Flowers and presents from fans that I received at green room and lobby were so supportive as well.
I would like to thank you on behalf of all the members.
We also received big flower arrangement from Mr. Takanori Nishikawa (T.M.Revolution).
Those sunflowers were absolutely perfect for early summer and made us really excited.
Thank you very much!

And at last---five minutes before concert!
We all huddled up and shouted at side of the stage, and we are ready to go!

PGP first live started off with quiet sound effective like prelude.
Even from stage, we could tell audience were heating up gradually.
And then, followed by Kishi's cool MC---just as he has been saying "PGP should always stay COOL!".
After having slow and middle tempo music, latter half continues with fast beat performance.
Then comes (supposed to be "cool", but somewhat "SUNAO-ish") MC by SUNAO.
Toshiyuki was worried that the last music might be little too "POP", but instead, it was absolutely perfect, making everybody as ONE!

Finally, an honorable encore!
Thank you everybody!!
Back on stage again, all members wearing PGP logo T-shirt.

All numbers were not released yet, very first performance in public for fans to listen.
It is very rare experience for you as well, wasn't it??
We were so worried that perhaps there might not be an encore…
We just stopped having unnecessary thoughts and concentrate on giving everything we have got.
So to be very honest, we were not prepared with encore numbers.

We performed two up-beat numbers from main performance, having long MC twice in between.
MC was really fun as always!

Oh, by the way, SUNAO wrote about 70% of "PGP" letters written on CD given to audience (which was also talked about during MC).
He got bored during production and started scribbling on CD saying "…why don't we make special one…".
And for the rest of CD's, Kishi copied SUNAO's "PGP" hand writing saying "…like this??".

While we were performing last song, we really wanted to keep on playing, didn't want to end.
For those of you who came to our performance, thank you very very much!

We do have couple things we need to go over, but it truly was a big success.
It sure made us more excited for our next live.

We really appreciate all your comments and kind words before/after live through twitter and our official website.
Again, thank you very much.
We would like to continue playing music for "COOL" PGP.
Looking forward seeing you again at next live in Tokyo!

I'll see you then!